ABC cable

ABC cableJP ABC cable are custom designed for each unique application.It is suitable for use in a system having a standard operating voltage not exceeding 600/1000V. The cores of an aerial bundled conductor shall be laid-up with a left-hand lay. The length of lay shall be 55-75 times the diameter of a phase conductor.

ABC cable Property

1.Relative immunity to short circuits caused by external forces (wind, fallen branches), unless they abrade the insulation.

2.Can stand in close proximity to trees and will not generate sparks if touched.

3.Simpler installation, as crossbars and insulators are not required.

4.Less cluttered appearance.

5.Can be installed in a narrower right-of-way.

6.At junction poles, insulating bridging wires are needed to connect non-insulated wires at either side. ABC can dispense with one of these splices.

7.Less risk of a neutral-only break from tree or vehicle damage, increasing safety with TNC-s systems. Electricity theft is made harder, and more obvious to detect.

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